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Nopal Tunisie - Prickly pear seed oil, Frech prickly pear fruit, Nopal powder, Dried prickly pear flower, Prickly pear pulp, Prickly pear seed flour
Welcome to Cactus Tunisie website of Manufacture Nopal Tunisie

Nopal Tunisie is a tunisian company specialized in the production processing and export of organic cactus pear OPUNTIA FICUS INDICA to cosmetic ,healthcare and food industry markets.
Nopal tunisie provides cosmetic industry with organic opuntia seed oil, this precious oil is obtained by first cold pressure of prickly pear seeds , it has an exceptional composition : more than 80% of unsaturated fatty acid (62% of linoleic acid), and high rate of tocopherols . Read More ...
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